16th General Hosp Nurses, Jan 1944

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16th General Hosp Nurses, Jan 1944
nurses in world war ii
Image by JWA Commons
Muriel was stationed overseas as a Army Nurse.

Collection of The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford

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The Kiss, USS Midway and Sunset
nurses in world war ii
Image by peasap
Silhouette of ‘The Kiss’ a 25ft tall statue of the famous photograph taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt during the VJ Day celebrations in Times Square in 1945. I love this place in downtown San Diego.

Figure detail 06 – Price of Freedom sculpture – Visitors Center – Arlington National Cemetery – 2012-05-19
nurses in world war ii
Image by Tim Evanson
Detail of the sculpture "The Price of Freedom", located in the Visitor’s Center at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia.

Unveiled on Memorial Day in 2010, the 12-foot-high "Price of Freedom" is dedicated to the men and women who served in World War II. The bottom consists of a based decorated with wreaths. A swirl of cloud supports a globe (with the nations outlined as they were during the war) representing the world during World War II. The swirl of cloud forms a spiral which mounts into the air — and which forms the middle section. On the spiral are seven symbolic figures, representing
a Marine, sailor, soldier, airman, Coast Guardsman, a joint-service nurse, and “Rosie the Riveter". Atop the sculpture, in the top section, an angel holds a dying serviceman in its arms.

The sculpture is very similar to another sculpture of the same name, by the same artist, which stands in the Memorial Amphitheater Display Room. This sculpture, which is only about six feet high, is also titled "The Price of Freedom" but was meant to honor those servicemen buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.