Aloe Vera Gets Thumbs Up on Oral Care

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If your teeth feel sensitive or your gums bleed when you brush, finding the right toothpaste is more than a simple choice to prevent tooth decay.

People with sensitive teeth or those who suffer from chronic mouth ulcers need more than just the ordinary toothpaste or mouthwash. Aloe Vera toothgel is now available to help solve these problems now.

The Academy of General Dentistry in its May/June 2009 issue of the General Dentistry Journal, has stated that Aloe Vera toothgel has combined properties that tackle the problem of sensitive teeth and gums as it provides cavity-fighting protection.

People in the dental profession have long debated on the capability of aloe vera toothgel to eradicate disease-causing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in the mouth. The Academy has finally furnished the answers and attests that Aloe Vera toothgel is proven to be effective in fighting germs that accumulate in the mouth. A recent experiment tested the germ-fighting properties of 2 well-known toothpaste brands alongside Aloe Vera toothgel and found the latter to be equally or even more effective in eradicating cavity-causing microflora in the mouth and gums.

The germ-fighting qualities of Aloe Vera toothgel is due to the fact that it contains natural anthraquinones – chemical compounds which also provide analgesic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral activity when used in low doses. It’s also favoured by people who have sensitive teeth since Aloe Vera toothgel contains no harsh abrasive components found in regular toothpastes.

Overall physical health is directly related to oral and dental health. Gingivitis or gum disease has been directly linked to more serious medical conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart and lung diseases. Harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the mouth can cause periodontal disease and premature tooth loss. Apart from that, contagious bacteria is carried in the bloodsteam and can spread infection to the other organs of the body.

An interesting study on this was conducted by Emory University along with with the Center for Disease Control. Researchers established that people with gingivitis and other forms of periodontal diseases had an almost 50% chance of dying earlier that those without the disease.

Aloe vera toothgel is effective in the treatment and prevention of gingivitis and periodontis. Its powerful antiseptic properties can reach all areas of the mouth to kill disease-causing bacteria. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties on the other hand, help lessen occasions of soft tissue swelling and bleeding of the gums.

There are many Aloe Vera toothgels available, but not all contain the essential medicinal properties needed to fight dental caries and care for sensitive teeth. In fact only a few varieties out of over 300 aloe species have these oral health attributes.

The International Aloe Science Council was established to provide and enforce quality control procedures in the production of aloe vera health care products. It provides certifications and seals of quality to manufacturers who match or exceed industry standards and provides consumers with the assurance that they are purchasing industry compliant products.

Forever Bright is the first toothgel to have been awarded the Council quality seal. It contains no flouride, therefore it is gentle and non-abrasive to the gums and teeth. It also has the natural healing antibiotic Bee Propolis. Forever Bright strengthens, nourishes and protects both teeth and gums from bacteria build-up as it fights plaque and whitens teeth without the use of irritating bleaching agents. Forever Bright is available in a mint flavoured gel formula which both adults and children will love.

I’m British American currently living in Mauritius. My husband and I have been in the natural health and personal growth field for over 25 years. I’m British American currently living in Mauritius. My husband and I have been in the natural health and personal growth field for over 25 years. We’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight and increase their health & vitality with natural products. One of our favourite products is the Aloe Vera Toothgel:

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