Number 163 ELDRIDGE, Clifton Charles, Number 164 ELDRIDGE, Anthony George, Number 165 ELDRIDGE, Jack Haslings Image by State Records SA […]

nurses in world war ii images: Three nurses on board hospital ship TSS ORANJE II, June 1941 Image by Australian […]

nurses in world war ii images: D-Day Commemoration Image by The U.S. Army Ellan Levitsky-Orkin, a Delaware native who served […]

nurses in world war 1: Korean War Memorial Image by dbking Korean War Memorial —Dedicated in 1987 to honor the […]

nurses in world war 2: The front balcony. / Le balcon de devant. Image by BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives Title / […]

nurses in world war 2 images: A Birmingham Litter Bin Image by Wootang01 9.4.09 The flight arrived on time; and […]

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Transfusion donor bottles, Baxter Lab., Glenview, Ill. (LOC) Image by The Library of Congress Hollem, Howard R.,, photographer. Transfusion donor […]