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Want a Career with Job Security Try the Medical Field

From medical assistants to physicians the medical field has always offered wonderful career opportunities. This activity field will always provide job security and great income as the demand is growing so there won’t be any problems in the future finding a need for the medical professional. There are many different activities in this large field and they are all well paid so one can chose one convenient to his needs.… Read More »

Latest A Neurological Emergency News

How I’m Getting My Legs Back After a Rare Dystonia Diagnosis The emergency room doctor wrote a note for him … and had an urgent referral made to a neurologist. Over the next few months I had countless tests carried out to try to find the problem. My brain scan came up clear, ruling out a tumor, stroke or bleed … Read more on The 6 Stages For Returning… Read More »

How to use Job Shadowing for Career Advancement

How to use Job Shadowing for Career Advancement Experienced professionals looking to also shift their careers or move up the hierarchy in a company commonly perform job shadowing to give them an edge. If you are looking to try a more advanced role in your … to start by shadowing other nurses who … Read more on 60 Jobs in Bethesda Area: Transplant Surgeon, Yacht Sales, IT Manager, Geriatric… Read More »

Eng3 Shares Important Stroke Information

Eng3 supports Circle of Rights, a charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness of stroke and preventing it through education and training. In support of their mission to increase public awareness of this disabling yet largely avoidable condition, Eng3 Corporation is working to distribute the information below as widely as possible. Eng3 is committed to helping prevent and address disease by reducing oxidative stress. Eng3 has a particular focus on chronic… Read More »

Assessing Balance and Gait After Stroke or Brain Injury

I help sick people walk again—at least, that’s how my 7-year-old son describes my career as a physical therapist. If only it were that straightforward. As a therapist at Northridge Hospital Medical Center, Northridge, Calif, I have the opportunity of working with patients following stroke or traumatic brain injury at all levels of the continuum of care—from early on in the hospital’s intensive/critical care units and cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary units, through transition… Read More »

Why Nurses Uniforms Are Comfortable And Practical And Not Short And Sexy

by President of Sri Lanka When you think of nurse’s uniforms, it’s easy to imagine the stereotype small, tight, white dress and fishnet stockings proudly paraded by young students at med-school parties and fancy dress celebrations. In reality however and fortunately for most nurses, this is a far cry from their actual working attire. Instead, the short, tight PVC dress is replaced by trousers and tunics and if dresses are… Read More »

Harnessing The Power Of The Brain

Best practice for assessment and treatment of gait and balance after stroke. What would you do if you couldn’t walk? To learn about the best practices for gait and balance recovery, it is helpful to imagine one morning you step out of the house, and while walking to your vehicle, you suffer a potentially devastating injury to your brain: a stroke. After lifesaving medical treatments, you learn your rehabilitation program… Read More »

Unique opportunity to train as a nurse the Northumbria way

Unique opportunity to train as a nurse the Northumbria way Starting in March 2017, the full-time work-based course will lead to a BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies / Registered … opportunities for your own staff with the appropriate skills and experience to take the next step up in their careers, we are pleased to … Read more on Empowering nurses to deliver better care through research Mary Dee Hacker has… Read More »

Latest A Neurological Emergency News

Low Back Pain Emergencies Could Signal Neurological Injuries When physicians pick up a chart in the emergency department and see that the chief complaint is low back pain, most have a similar reaction: not another lumbosacral sprain, not another drug-seeker, or not another patient nothing can be done for. Most often … Read more on A Biochip Integrated with Smartphone For Malaria Test Among Top 20 Healthcare Innovations A… Read More »

Latest Starting Your Career As An Advanced Practice Registered Nurses News

5 New Connecticut Laws in 2017 That Could Change Your Life Starting Jan. 1 certain state health … “ban the box,” which refers to the check mark box on job applications that asks about prior convictions and arrests. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Medical Marijuana Prescription Changes APRNs will now be … Read more on Patch Unique opportunity to train as a nurse the Northumbria way Starting in March 2017, the… Read More »

Latest Nurses Day News

Nurses Join “Our First Stand: Save Health Care” National Day of Action Jan. 15th RNs to Congress: Now is the Time to Improve and Expand Medicare, Not Destroy It! Registered nurses will join actions in over 40 U.S. cities Jan. 15th to demand that the new administration and Congress protect and expand millions of Americans access to … Read more on Nurses enter roundtable talks in bid to avert… Read More »

Benefits of Starting Nursing Career in Australia

Nursing is a noble profession that involves taking care of sick people to be healthy again. It includes offering medication, immediate care, advice, and so on to achieve a good health. Extensive studies and training are needed to acquire practical skills in nursing practices essential to be a qualified nurse. Knowledge of modern healthcare facilities and equipment is needed to be a competent nurse which are essential for the treatment… Read More »