For Good Dental Care Do Not Go Abroad See An Oxford Dentist

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Anybody that travels abroad for cheap cosmetic dentistry risks permanently destroying their teeth. There have been hundreds of cases where patients return to the UK with badly fitted crowns and mismatched veneers, these cost thousands of pounds to fix.

Back in 2006 the situation became so bad that the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry issued a public warning in the hope it would prevent Britons from travelling abroad. One of the academy board members, James Goonik said “We are seeing a surge in cases of dangerously botched treatments among patients coming back to Britain; foreign dental work is cheaper and quicker than in Britain, so it is very tempting. But no one who knew the real risks would choose to take them.’

In Britain it is estimated that over 2 million people are unable to find an NHS dentist, this can be due to a lack of NHS dentists in their area of their NHS dentists being full. Due to prices for Cosmetic Dentistry being higher in the UK, people are choosing to go abroad. Choosing to go abroad can lead to the cost of treatment end up costing the patient a lot more.

There have been cases where people unable to afford private cosmetic dentistry have travelled to countries such as Bulgaria for cheap treatment. However the treatment they received was well under the UK standards. James Duckfield a barman in Oxford travelled to Bulgaria and had dentures to improve their smile however when he came back to the UK he noticed his mouth was severely hurting so went to see a Oxford Dentist.

The Oxford Dentistry surgeon was shocked at what they found. The dental surgeon in Bulgaria had removed nerves from 6 of David’s teeth and they were in an awful state. The cost of David to repair his nerves and to ensure the dentures would last was 10,000. Unfortunately there are thousands of more cases like David’s.

Yes, going to a dentistry abroad will be cheaper but is it worth risking your health and potentially losing your teeth. If you visit your Oxford Dentist for a consultation they will be able to diagnose a suitable treatment for you, if you go to the Oxford Dentistry for treatment you can rest assured that you will receive a very high standard of dental care and that there will not be any further complications.

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