Nurses and Their Various Responsibilities

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A nurse in a hospital or doctor’s office is educated to handle certain conditions such as diseases or illnesses. They are people who have certain skills that qualify them for candidacy.

Most nurses excel in school, especially in classes such as science and health. Good nurses are great at problem solving while at the same time, have a lot of compassion and are able to cope with their patient’s emotional family members.

An In-Demand Career

A nurse helps people in many ways; this profession is highly respected. More and more nurses are needed each year, which makes this a fantastic career to enter. They are not only a part of the medical field, but also the backbone of this field. A nurse also helps the doctor in various ways.


If you are interested in becoming a nurse, there are several ways you can accomplish your goal. There are classes available in both 2-year and 4-year schools. In order to become a nurse and take nursing classes, there are courses you will have to complete first.

If you have not already taken these classes, you will need to do so before being able to enroll in any type of nursing classes. Discuss what needs to be done with a counselor at the college before moving forward.

Career Options

Once you have completed the needed courses, there are several options available to you with a nursing diploma. Some people choose to enter the medical field via a doctor’s office where they only work during the weekdays, leaving their nights and weekends open.

Others choose to work in a hospital setting. The main reason for wanting to work inside of a hospital is hospital nurses receive higher pay and better medical benefits; however, they must work longer hours.

Home Care

If you do not want to work in either of these places, there is always a demand for nurses who work in a patient’s home while giving the patient necessary care. In a patient’s home, a nurse might be responsible for dispensing medications as well as getting the patient in and out of the bed.

Home nurses also assist the patient with tasks such as bathing and going to the bathroom if the patient is restricted to his or her bed. Also, a nurse is responsible for caring for wounds that a patient may have, such as sores from being in their bed for long periods of time.

The best aspect about coming to the home of a patient is that you work shorter hours each day and are capable of traveling from place to place, seeing new and different people. This gives you a nice change of scenery.

What to Think About

The nursing field is a highly-recognized and well-regarded career choice; a choice that requires careful thinking before entering into any agreement with a school. However, if you can not handle the sight of bodily fluids, this may not be the career for you because sights like these are common in the field of nursing.

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