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ICRI is an institute in India which is amongst the most popular medical institute providing education and health care services of truly global standards. A wide range of super and general specialty medical services are provided in this premier institute.

The aim of the institute is to provide the country with high quality, integrated and comprehensive medical education along with innovative thoughts towards modern technology and research. The institute provides the students with finest in infrastructure. It also allows the students when it comes to research and learning along with dedicated and experienced faculty, outstanding clinical facilities, and a world-class environment that supports education. ICIRI offers the students with different courses including medicine, BSc Clinical Research and Healthcare dentistry, nursing, allied sciences and many more.

The Institute comprising has an excellent team of well-trained personnel providing the students with focused health care services.

This program in BSc Clinical Research and Healthcare is ideal for Medical/Para Medical professional like Dentists, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacologists, Lab Technicians, physiotherapists, Bio-technologists etc as these are those people who don’t want study clinical/lab work but they wish to pursue a career as leadership roles in Health Care Management and hospital Administration. It is a course which is also meant for those who are in the process of aspiring to start a Health care business of their own hospital or laboratory.

When you have successfully completed Two years of work and study, you will be given a full time MBA degree which is recognized by all Government and private organizations. Fees for this program have been designed in such a way so that they are able to suit the purse of most sections of the society. You can pay the fees in eight easy instalments as well as once in three months, you will also not have to pay any donations, you can also get bank loan assistance. Hostel accommodation is available at an extra cost. Irrespective of their discipline the graduates are eligible to enrol in this program.

What are the many job opportunities that the healthcare sector offers to newbie’s?
Healthcare is one of the few sectors which are able to provide the students with job opportunities to a varied set of professionals like the researchers, engineers, legal experts, and techies apart from medical professionals. In a sense, the healthcare is an industry where different professionals combine their skills and work under one umbrella of service and care- giving.

What skills must a jobseeker have to succeed in this sector?
The students are worried about the fact that they possess a lot of theoretical knowledge, which is not relevant to the present context or aligned to the company’s business requirements. This is why the students will have to make an all out effort to gain as much as practical knowledge as possible through internships and summer training. As a job- seeker, you must be willing to go through the grind, for there is no easy way to the top.

What are the qualities that make one stand out in the healthcare sector?
A very important quality in the health care industry is to be service- oriented and a care- giver at heart. You should not enter the sector only because it’s growing fast and it’s lucrative.

The best healthcare jobs bring job satisfaction as well as excellent salary. It is an industry where sincere professionals can have excellent career advancement. In order to find the best healthcare jobs that suit your qualification and skill, the internet is the ideal resource. Simply browse the websites and newspapers and find the right healthcare job matching your job profile. The major requirement of the day is the healthcare professionals who are committed to their jobs are and the entire society benefits from their services.

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