The Benefits of Using Maternity Nurses

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Introduction to Maternity Nurses

Maternity nurses are a great help for a family or couple after a new baby is born, many find assistance in the early stages of child rearing to be a great benefit. Often after a new baby is born you are still feeling the effects of child birth and sometimes you may feel unsure of how to handle the problems associated with a new baby, maternity nurses assist with these pressures. Incorporating a new child into an existing family can often be a challenging experience but the maternity nurse will give you the confidence and ability to cope quickly, helping you in establishing a routine within the home environment to follow and suit your family’s needs. Feeding, bathing and sleeping times need to be organized and with the maternity nurse being on duty 24 hours a day and six days a week, it is essential assistance to many new mothers.

There are other duties for a private maternity nurse, which include tidying and supervising the baby’s room and the daily laundry for the baby, in addition to all areas of baby care. The nurse is generally there to help in any way that their expertise allows them to, offering support at a joyful but sometimes challenging time.

Also if you are looking at breast feeding your child then the maternity nanny will support and encourage you with this in any way they can, offering advice and their own experience to assist you. If you are going to bottle feed, then the maternity nurse will be responsible for sterilizing the bottles for your baby. Maternity nurses generally sleep with their charges, either bottle feeding the baby themselves or bringing the baby to the mother for breast feeding, whichever way the mother feels most comfortable then that is the way the maternity will be able to do their duties.

One of the major elements of a maternity nurse’s job is helping to get the mother back on her feet after child birth. The maternity nurse is there to provide the mother with a sense of security during the physically and mentally exhausting first few weeks after childbirth. This help can be invaluable for mothers who don’t have family support close at hand or who have had twins or a caesarean. A comfortable and knowledgeable presence in the early hours of the morning can make an enormous difference to a new mother.

Often people assume that maternity nurses are nurses with some kind of specialist qualification in the direction of newly born children, but this is very seldom the case. There isn’t a standard or generally accepted qualification that categorizes a nanny as a maternity nurse, the majority of maternity nurses tend to be highly experienced nannies, with some being ex-midwives.

Most importantly maternity nurses listen to, reassure and encourage the parents. They pass on their skills and knowledge leaving the parents with the ability to confidently cope with their new baby.

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